Sunday, September 5, 2010

Game Day Wrap Up, Week 1.


  • We had a great day NOT watching the Aggie game. We're lucky to get any Big XII games here in TN, and Aggie games are rarer. But we did listen to it on Aggie 96 through the Husband's iPhone radio app. Dave South, people!! Obviously it was my Aggie cake that propelled us to beat Stephen F. Austin.
  • I made a crap-ton of food, meant for us to graze on throughout the weekend. Salsa, Queso (I'm trying to perfect a copy of restaurant queso, which is more involved than throwing Rotel and Velveeta together in the microwave. Good thing I have many willing taste-testers), 7-layer dip, potato skins, and of course our Aggie Cake. And leftover fajitas. It would have been even better had I not realized at 5pm Saturday that we were almost out of Tortilla chips. I swear we had another bag in the pantry.
  • Saturday was beautiful, the high was like 78!! Ack! I so hope this is not a weather tease. We had the windows open All. Day. Long.
  • Dinner was going along swimmingly when, after he was done, #2 started complaining about his stomach hurting (in a cute, wimpery 2.5yo way) and crawled up on Husband's lap. Not wanting to be left out, #1 was on his way up there too. You know where this is heading, people. About 30 seconds later, #2 promptly unloaded his dinner all over the 3 of them in an explosive way that was truly not necessary. I, the lone one who escaped, jumped up.


  • I ordered the 3 of them to strip down and head for the tub upstairs so I could clean up. The husband got the boys bathed while I threw the clothes in the washer and scrubbed the rug. Four times. And I got most of it out. go me.
  • After we got the boys down, we spent the evening NOT enjoying any of the rest of the food I made or drinking any of the trough of wine we had in the fridge, but rather staring at whatever game we were watching and trying not to lose our own dinner. And me issuing a stern warning to the universe that I better not get sick, I have my 10k in one day.
  • Luckily, today everyone is feeling better. WHEW. Sometimes kids just eat too fast. Especially #2. We escaped a bullet. Better enough that MY husband ran FOUR MILES today after graciously letting me sleep until TEN AM. It was glorious, people. And I am soooo proud of him. As soon as I finish typing this, I'm going downstairs to bury myself in the 7layer dip, pie-eating style. We did get more chips, but maybe I don't need them after all. I do need to carb-load for tomorrow, right?

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