Friday, September 3, 2010

Tour of the Big XII: Are You Ready For Some Football??? (Texas A&M)

Yippeeeee!! It's finally here!! College Football!! It's about time, already. Sheesh. We are always so ready for football come August. I'm planning tons of food for tomorrow for our big celebration Gig'em!

This year, for some reason, I decided I was going to do a "Tour of the Big XII". choo choo!!!! (honestly, one of my twitter buddies in FL recently made a cake with the the Florida Gators logo on it out of fondant and that's what got me cookin on it!!) Each week, I'm going to rotate through all (yes, all) the schools' logos. I may even fit in a couple pro logos in too if I have time. The cakes are going to be pretty small, just a single layer 6" round. That way I don't bake my way into the poor house and also we don't all weigh 500 lbs come December. Some I'll keep, and some I'll send to work with my husband. (Yall aren't gettin this one, sorry!!) I'm doing it mostly to practice doing different designs, covering with fondant, and just overall practice. The husband keeps asking me, "WHY are you doing this again?" Why not?

The first stop on the Tour??

The maroon fondant didn't quite come out the color I wanted, and you don't even want to know how much dye I had to put in to get it this color. Some colors tend to darken after a day or so, and this one seems to be doing just that. I had also planned to put it on a white background, but I remembered all this extra chocolate marshmallow fondant I had and decided to use that. I think it still looks ok! I did have some weird crackage/dry edges on my letters after I cut them out, I think because all the gel dye made the fondant so sticky and I was trying to add powdered sugar to even out the consistency of it and maybe I added too much? I don't know. Still learning!

Also, check out this awesome Football-shaped pan I got. You can not only use it for cakes but for bread too! I can't wait to use it. Is there anything cooler than that football-shaped party sandwich? I think not!! If it wasn't rainy today I would so be makin' that. Maybe next week.


  1. Great job! I have an embroidery cake and a popsicle cake to make in the next few weeks, but then I'm kicking it up for my Miami Dolphins and Miami Hurricanes logo cakes. :)

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