Monday, September 13, 2010

Half-Marathon Training: 11 Weeks to Go

This past week, after taking a few days off after my 10k, I "officially" started my half-marathon training. It was a short week, only one short run and the long run. My short run Thursday was 23 minutes, and boy, I was still feeling the 10k. I don't remember being that sore last year! Saturday was my long run, 6 miles. I was so busy last week I was super tired, and when I checked the weather it looked like it would be only about 75 degrees by 9am, which is when I was planning on going. Usually I have been getting up at the buttcrackofdawn for my long runs, to get them in and be done mostly before the sun comes up, since I really seem to struggle with the heat. I'm really looking forward to the fall when I can go later in the morning when it cools off.

I don't know what the person who wrote the info for the weather channel app was smokin', but dang. It got hot. QUICK. It was 85 with heat index of 90 when I got back. (Which made me feel better about not handling the heat. I was still thinking it was 75 and I was just a wuss.) After the first 3 miles I was cooked! I walked a ton the 4th and 5th mile. And then I caught my foot on a twig at mile 5 and twisted my ankle a little. Luckily, it was my other ankle. I'm not gonna lie, I dropped a couple curse words. And luckily, it doesn't seem as bad as last time. I about threw in the towel after 5, but I figured I could at least walk the last mile so I could still get my distance in.

So, I got my distance covered, but that's it. UGH. I am not running again at 9am until NOVEMBER.


  1. I trained for my half in the summer!! It was brutal!! Hang in there the training is the worst part the race day is much easier!!


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