Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Picture Polish Badass with comparison!

Hey guys! I have another one of my new Picture Polishes! This is Badass made in collaboration with Shelly of SassyShelly.com. BOY did this one knock my socks off!

Let's just gawk for a minute. I mean really.



As soon as I put this on the first nail I was like OMG IT'S THE CREME VERSION OF ALCATRAZ ROCKS! I've mentioned it before but my number one fav polish of all time is OPI Alcatraz Rocks. (So much so that when it went on clearance I bought 1 or 4 more for backups)

I grabbed my current bottle for a quick comparison.

Now since Alcatraz Rocks is a texture they aren't exactly the same. I always think it has such a charcoal colored base until I see it next to an actual charcoal colored base and then realize how purple it is.

In these pictures the OPI is on my ring finger.


I'm not wild about wearing texture on  my toes so now I can wear this! I love this soooooooo much I'm pretty sure I'll need another bottle ;)


  1. I love alcatraz rocks too! And Badass looks great on you, i love that your shade picture captures all the colors!

    1. Thank you Shelly! It's aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome!


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