Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer melon Watermarble nails with Picture Polish Honeydew and Totes

Hey guys! Happy Friday! This is the second week of my vow to do watermarbling once a week so I can get better at it. Doing pretty good so far! This time is used 2 of my Picture Polishes. As soon as I got Totes I knew I wanted to do something with it along with Honeydew, because they remind me so much of melons!

This came out ok, I don't love and yall don't have to either :/ Totes seems a lot more opaque than Honeydew, so the green kind of gets washed out. It almost creates a bit of an ombre effect with the white base, I guess that's cool?

I don't know how some ladies hold 2 bottles at a time and look graceful! I can not!



I thought this would look cool with a matte topcoat, I think if the green was more opaque it would. Anyhow, this Picture Polish matte topcoat is one of the first PP's I got, how awesome is the name? Genius, and it makes me giggle.


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