Monday, May 12, 2014

Zoya Earth Day Polish Exchange

Hey guys! Just a quick little update post for you today. A couple weeks ago Zoya did their annual Earth Day sale, which was awesome! I was hoping they'd do it again this year and had been saving my pennies. The concept is really cool...they offer almost all their polishes at 50% off, with the intention of you sending back to them an equal number of old, "toxic" or unusable polishes for them to responsibly dispose of. (not supposed to just throw away polish!)

This is what I sent back. It's slightly more than I got, even with the few freebies I got, but I figured....most people are not going to do it so I can take some of their places. :)

This is mostly old dollar store stripers that I don't use anymore, for many reasons. A few half done gloopy Seche Vites, and another free top coat I got a Sally that is total crap.

Earth day exchange

Here are my Earth Day sale babies: to be fair, 3 of them I got for free. :) Aren't they just awesome?

Earth Day haul

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