Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sephora solid brush cleaner review

Hello! Today I have a quick little review of a new makeup brush cleaner I picked up! Usually I just use Mrs Meyers soap and a little brush egg. I've been hearing about solid brush cleaners so I thought I'd give it a go!

On my nails is China Glaze Dope Taupe, from the Fall Rebel collection, you can see the full line of polishes HERE!

Sephora solid brush cleaner

When you open it there's a little scrubby pad in there. 

To use this I put the pad in the cap,

Got my brush wet and swirled it around on the soap. 

Then I swirled it around on the silicone pad. My foundation brushes get the grossest so I had to repeat it until it rinsed clean a couple times. 

You can probably tell by the picture of this container in my hand, it's not too big but it was big enough to get my largest brush in there, the power Real Techniques brush. 

I also thought I'd give it a go for my sponges, which I'm using the most right now. It was a little awkward but got them pretty clean. I just loaded them with water then rubbed them on the soap some. 

All in all I'm pretty happy with this cleaner.  It has a nice scent, lightly floral but the scent doesn't linger in the brush. It also contains Argan oil to condition the brushes. What I like most is that it rinsed out really well-especially with my sponges with take forever to rinse clean with the dish soap. When I was done I rinsed the soap and left the container open to dry before I closed it up, so it doesn't get gross!

This is how I dry my brushes, I usually shake them out really well and lay them flat with the bristles hanging over an edge.

This soap retails for $14 at Sephora, I purchased it myself for use (and review!) I also use Real Techniques brushes and sponges, also purchased by me.

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