Friday, September 16, 2016

Pipe Dream Polish Mellowed Out Cremes collection: swatches and review

Hey guys! Today I have the Mellowed Out Cremes from Pipe Dream Polish. I bought these several months ago and I'm pretty sure they're not available anymore, so sorry about that! I've worn a few already and have posted them but they still deserve their own post, now that I have time! :) The colors are unique in my collection-they are pastel cremes but some of them almost seem neon-pastel....who knew that could be a thing?!

Each of these swatches is 2 coats plus topcoat. I'm enjoying taking pictures outside again while we still have sunny days here...but sometimes it doesn't quite make colors as accurate as they look in real life so in those cases I've included pictures under my lights or in the shade.

Take it easy is  raspberry creme-we all know that's my favorite shade of pink!  

take it easy

Unwind is a nice neural nude with yellow undertones, which pair nicely with my skin tone. I've already worn this one! 


Keep calm is an aqua/melon green. I love this shade and I've worn it also-it reminds me of the Caribbean. Ah I want to go back!

keep calm

Peace out is a grape jelly purple creme. I've had some separation in all of these, and despite my shaking them like crazy this one in particular the white seems to want to stick to the sides of the bottle. Strange! It mixed up just fine though. 

peace out

Chillax-a darker turquoise sky blue. I love it obviously! My fav of the collection :)


Positive vibes is a peachy coral neonish creme. This one was so tricky, it looked completely different on my hand as it did in the picture. I went all over the place trying to get an accurate picture of it, and settled on the picture in the shade!

positive vibes

Here is positive vibes in the shade-which was the closest to color accurate as I could get! No amount of photoshopping was going to get the sun picture accurate-believe me I tried!

positive vibes (shade)
I'm not sure if these are still available or will be restocked, for more information I would check Pipe Dream Polish's website and sign up for the newsletter! :)

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