Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lush Rose Jam bubbleroon review featuring Zoya Harper

Hey guys! Today I have another Bubble Bar from Lush, its the Rose Jam bubbleroon! They have 3 of these macaron looking bubbleroons, I'll have the other 2 coming soon! These bubblebars have two halves sandwiched together by shea butter "icing". Dreamy!

In case you haven't read any of my Lush reviews yet, I'm just a regular gal using laymen's terms reviewing these items I purchased myself!

On my nails to coordinate I chose Zoya Harper, which is a bubble gum glittery pink from a few summers ago. I think the shimmer matches nicely :)

To use the bubble bars, you are supposed to break off a little bit and hold it under water. That's what I've done so far, but because of the size and shape of the bubbleroon I decided to cut it so I could start with 1/4 of it. Yes, I have a pink knife, ha! It's quite soft to cut but crumbled more than I thought it would.

Ok, guys, the smell. It smells amazing! It doesn't smell similar to the Rose Jam shower gel to me, but definitely more of a true rose smell from the rose oil. It. Is. Awesome. Look how much bubbles came from using just 1/4 of it! You could definitely use less although I don't know how to get a smaller chunk with out crumbling the whole thing. Which some people do!

My tub is not even half full here!!

This is DEFINITELY a repurchase for me--I've used 2 quarters so far and in between them I left I out on the counter...and my bathroom smelled just heavenly! Ahhhhhhh end of gushing :)

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