Friday, September 9, 2016

Island Girl Polish collection (Volume 1)

Hi guys! I'm finally getting around to posting about my Island Girl polishes, some of which I've had forever! I really haven't even worn them that much so this is a good refresher. I have a pretty good amount so I'm going to be splitting them up over the coming weeks and months!

Island Girl polish is only available at ABC Stores in Hawaii and Las Vegas. I have one from Hawaii and the rest either I or my husband picked up on various trips to Vegas (him for work)!

Island Girl polishes also have a quirky naming/labeling system, the older ones have names and numbers, but the newer ones only have numbers! What the heck, Island Girl! So I looked at all the numbers and codes on my bottles and tried to roughly divide them into similar groups. Today's group (with the exception of the first one) have an "R" in front of the numbers so I'm gonna guess that means "regular" polishes? haha! Others have "N" for neon and "P" for pastel and "M" for metallic....that's the system I invented and am gonna go with ;)

This first polish was my very first Island Girl, and I think its strange I chose purple! I did get it in Hawaii, yearrrrrrrs ago, and I've held on to it all this time! Hawaiian Babe (1168) is a really pretty shimmery purple. This is 2 coats plus topcoat.

Hawaiian Babe

Old Lahina (R1501) was supposed to be more of a maroon/crimson looking at the bottle indoors but turned out to be a bright cherry red! This formula was amazing, almost one coat. I went ahead and applied 2 coats plus topcoat.

Old Lahina

Royal Hawaiian (R1502) is a bright purple crème, and it dried matte! I didn't think it was a neon, but maybe it is?? LOL at you Island Girl. This is 2 coats on its own. The formula was a little tricky because it kept wanting to separate on me-like-while I was polishing. Strange yes?

Royal Hawaiian
Here is 2 coats of Royal Hawaiian with topcoat.

Royal Hawaiian with topcoat
Aloha Paradise (R1503) is an awesome teal crème, which also wanted to dry matte! This is 2 coats, but you can't get closer to being a one coater and not being a one coater than this one. Super opaque!

Aloha Paradise
This is 2 coats of Aloha Paradise with topcoat. It photographs much lighter outside than indoors sooo,

Aloha Paradise with top coat
I took a pic under my lights for a more accurate representation of the color. Its a bit darker. It was sunny this day so I just decided to take my pictures outside like I used to do!

Aloha Paradise indoors
Surfing Paradise (R1504) is a light blush nude. It was really really sheer on the first coat but perfect in 2 coats. This is another one that looked totally different than in the bottle! I am really really loving this one-so chic!

Surfing Paradise

Pineapple Plantation (R1505) is the token white crème polish in the collection. It's not terrible for a white polish, we all know they can be super tricky. My basecoat was shiny and this polish didn't like that very much, it kept being super streaky for me. I will try it with a matte base coat and see how it does.  This is 3 coats plus topcoat, not for coverage but to cover the streaks.

Pineapple Plantation

Stay tuned for the next group of polishes coming up in a few weeks! :)


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