Monday, August 22, 2016

China Glaze Rebel collection for Fall 2016

Hello! Today I have the fall collection from China Glaze, called "Rebel" and it's inspired by the music, colors and mood from the 90's! As usual China Glaze has a great mixture of finishes in this collection. What I WASN'T expecting was so many awesome one-coaters there would be! There's been a lot of hype over this collection, let's jump in and check it out!

All swatched are done with basecoat and topcoat. 

Fresh Prince-ss is a nice baby doll bubble gum pink cream. A little thin on the first coat but covered nicely on the 2nd. Not original but everyone should have a shade like this in their collection to go to! 

Fresh Prince-ss

Jagged Little Teal is a teal (duh, lol) creme. Snaps for the name, China Glaze! :) This color makes me weak in the knees-heart eyes! The formula is My middle finger nail needed 2 coats for some strange reason but all the other nails have one coat! I classify this as a one coater.  Literally, in my notes, I wrote "holy crap" with a heart ;)

Jagged Little Teal

Combat Blue-ts is a MATTE royal blue creme. Yes matte! This polish is amazing. As with all matte polishes you have to work quickly because they dry so fast. I feel like it dried even faster than my Zoya mattes, if you have any of those you know what I mean. I needed 2 coats for even coverage but many bloggers only needed one. This one got the "swatched last" honor so I can wear it for a few days! 

Combat Blue-ts

Dope Taupe is a ONE COAT taupe creme and it's divine! This looks to be almost identical to OPI Taupe-less Beach, they look so in the bottle next to each other, but wins for formula hands down. I have a feeling Dope Taupe will be living on my desk this fall :)

Dope Taupe

Pearl Jammin is a light gray creme with a strong shimmer in it. I was preparing for the worst, this polish looked so sheer in the bottle. I did wind up using 3 coats for this swatch. Even with 3 coats it didn't feel too thick on the nail. You can still see a little bit of nail line, I think that's unavoidable. It's pretty and understated, but not one I will reach for often. You could probably use this as a topcoat as well! 

Pearl Jammin

Heroine Chic is a bronzey browny shimmer. Definitely a unique color, even though I'm not to fond of the name. It screams fall! This is 2 coats. 

Heroine Chic

Y'all Red-y for This? (Who's singing the Jock Jams cd in their head now? Haha!) is a ONE COAT red shimmer. Yes, China Glaze, yes! Shimmery reds always remind me of Christmas. Be careful around your cuticles, if you get any on them it will want to stick around. 

Yall Red-y for This?

Purple Fiction is another ONE COAT shimmer! Perfect formula. Yes. 

Purple Fiction

Teen Spirit is a bluish purple ONE COATER. This kind of reminds me of Essie Starry Starry Night, which I have neither of the original or the reboot. Teen Spirit pulls a little more blue on me even though it looks purple in the bottle. YES!

Teen Spirit

Blue-Ya is a ONE COAT blue glittery jelly. Smooth and not gritty at all.  By this point my jaw is on the floor! Amazing. Seriously. 



The last 2 I have for you I feel are best used as toppers, although with any polish you can wear them on their own if you wish. 
Don't Mesh With Me (one coat) over Jagged Little Teal. It adds a nice purple shimmery finish. 

Don't Mesh With Me

Holo at Ya Girl! (One coat) over Pearl Jammin. There's tiny blue glitters in there and gold shimmer. 

Holo at Ya Girl

All in all, this is by far my favorite collection from China Glaze in a while purely based on the formulas. Literally half the collection is one coat polishes that aren't too thick or goopy? *applause* 
It's hard for me to only pick a few as favorites but I'm going with Dope Taupe, Blue-ya! and Teen Spirit. This collection is available now at Ulta and Sally as well as online at 

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