Thursday, September 8, 2016

Lush A French Kiss bubble bar review featuring Zoya Finley

Hello! Today I have another Lush review. This is the "A French Kiss"  bubble bar. I paired it with Zoya Finley from the fall collection called Urban Grunge Metallics, you can see my review of them HERE! It smells divine, of lavender but not super strong. The ones in the store have a little lavender sprig sticking up out of them, but since I ordered mine online I think it broke off. That's ok though!

Here's a look at Zoya Finley under my lights indoors. So So So gorgeous!

Zoya Finley

Let's get to the review, shall we! The first time I used it, I only broke off a little at a time. I just crumbled it under the water running and swooshed it around a little. I actually wound up using a tiny bit more than shown here, but still definitely less than half. I elected not to use a sieve like a lot of people do.  By the time the bath was full all the little bits had dissolved.

Even that tiny bit was more than enough to fill up my whole giant tub with bubbles! This bubble bar did not change the color of the water like some do. But it did smell pretty good :)

The bubbles are so pretty! I have used a couple of these bubble bars so far and the bubbles they make are definitely different that the liquid bubble bath I've been using from Bath and Body Works. They seem a little more fluffy if that makes sense? These bubbles lasted until the end of my bath so it's nice they didn't dissolve!

Overall, this bubble bar is about half the size product than you get from The Comforter (review coming soon) and others of the like. Even still with a big tub you can easily get 3-4 baths out of this breaking off a bit a time like I did. I really liked the scent and will definitely be repurchasing! 

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