Saturday, April 12, 2014

Zoya Peter Som 2014 Swatches, Review and Comparisons!

Hey guys! Today I have the Zoya Peter Som 2014 Collection! This is a 3 piece set that was only available for a couple weeks on their website. It was offered with a free bottle of whatever plus free shipping, that's a good deal to me! That's saying a lot! I totally ordered it the first day ;) The peach colored one is part of the spring Zoya collection, the other 2 are exclusive to this set only (and the reason I bought it!) It also came in a white box...different than the black boxes they usually use. Totally love!

Zoya Peter Som 2014

First is Cole. Not one I would buy on it's own, this color is just not in my wheelhouse. Having said that, they could have put a burnt orange in this box set and I still would have bought it!  This is 3 coats, it was a little streaky for me. Still pretty for spring!

Zoya Cole

I don't have too much of this shade in my collection, the only one that comes close is one I just got recently, OPI Where Did Suzi's Man-go? It's a good bit darker.

Zoya Cole comparisons

Next is Alexa. GARSH guys I just love this color. This is 2 coats of perfection and I just love this dusty blue/green/teal color. It also looks super awesome matte in the fall :)
Zoya Alexa


Here's a few bottle shots for comparison. On the left is Essie School of Hard Rocks, which is more gray. On the right is Salon Perfect Kool Kelp, which I bought because I never got my hands on China Glaze Exotic Encounters :( Salon Perfect is made by the same parent company as China Glaze and a lot of the colors are similar.

Zoya Alexa Comparisons
KK comes really close, doesn't it?

Alexa comparison
Lastly is Edie. OH, BE STILL MY BLUE LOVING HEART. This is sooooo pretty. 2 coats of perfection. It's like a bright navy/royal blue cross.

Zoya Edie

Here are a few bottle shots for comparison. In the bottle it doesn't look anything like the OPI's, but as I was putting it on I was having Deja vu with Dating a Royal and I knew people would not take my word for it so here you go!

no, I don't have a problem with royal blue polishes, thankyouverymuch. They're not the same they're similar!

Zoya Edie Comparisons

I was short on  time so I didn't do any comparisons on the nail so if there's any you want to see let me know! 

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