Saturday, April 26, 2014

ACM Vegas Trip nails round-up!

Hey guys! This is just a little roundup of my trip to Vegas! Most of these I posted on Instagram so if you follow me there you probably already saw them ;)

I started out with Zoya Aurora. There are no words to describe her sparkle! I had some free time when my husband was working (this was a work trip for him and I just tagged along) so I decided to go exploring along the strip! First up I made the trek to the Bellagio from the MGM Grand to see the fountains, my favorite thing in Vegas. A quick google helped me find out the times they went off, since there are no signs! (crooked ring-doh!)

Aurora + Bellagio

After seeing the fountains I continued on to Caesar's, which is right next door. You have to go in a door to the Bellagio to get to the above-road walkway to cross the street. There are so many of these now, even more than when I was last there 3 years ago. One of the cab drivers told us they are building them and building barriers so you can't cross the streets on foot because people were getting hit by cars all over the place. It's good, but man does it add to the hike!
Anyhoo, right inside the door I went in was a little cafe with baked goods and gelato. It was about lunch time, so I figured, what the heck?! I chose Tiramisu and it was AWWEESSOOMMEEE.

Aurora + Gelato


This was crossing over one of the main walkways over Las Vegas Blvd. Cool!

Let it be noted, that, I got exactly zero weird looks for taking pics of my nails all over the place. Because, Las Vegas.

Aurora + Las Vegas

Saturday afternoon I switched out to Zoya Song, since we were going to see Elton John that night. (ZOMG.) It was the first time I've worn it, and man is it pretty! Super opaque, this is one coat! I got a tiny bit on my skin and my crap remover I bought there (didn't want to travel with it) didn't get it off so I was way worried about staining. It didn't though! Point Zoya!

Song + tinted hotel room window
I was lucky enough to have access to the red carpet for the ACM's Sunday. It was a first for me and SOOOOOO fun! 
access band plus favorite bracelet

After the carpet cleared out I snapped another pic in the daylight because the light in our hotel was terrible. So pretty! (straight ring-lesson learned)

Song + Red Carpet

This bag holds all my loot I bought for my self and my giveaway! Yay free stuff!



  1. Awesome post! I love Vegas and Aurora lol! I was just saying to myself that it was time for an Aurora mani, but stopped here first. A sign from the polish goddesses... :)


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