Monday, April 28, 2014

Pastel rainbow

Hello! Today I have a mani I did as part of a "pastel rainbow" collab! I originally was going to do a watermarble but it was such a complete fail :( I let it go for a while then discovered the dry brush technique. I just fell in love with it doing the blue version last week I thought I'd try it again with these. I really really love how it came out hence the elleventy billion pics!

Last time I was really liking how it looked and then after I added topcoat I immediately wished I hadn't. It really blended the colors together, which it's supposed to do, but I was liking the textured look of it. So this time I made sure to get a pic before adding topcoat!

It really came out looking very watercolor-ish, which is usally totally not my style, but man I am digging this!

sun, without topcoat

shade, without topcoat

Here it is after adding topcoat. See? blended. Hmm. 

sun, with topcoat

shade, with topcoat

Then I added a matte topcoat, because I can :) and because I REALLY love muted pastels!

sun, with matte topcoat
I left them matte and wore it for several days! Swoon!


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