Friday, April 11, 2014

Blue chevron nail art with Zoya!

Hey guys! Happy Friday! This week has TOTALLY flown by for me, since I didn't get back till Monday and was sick until today pretty much! blech!

Today's nail of the day is Zoya Edie, part of the Peter Som 2014 Collection that I will have swatches for tomorrow! I'm going a little out of order, sorry :) When I was done swatching I left Edie on as a full mani. I just love this blue! It started to shrink too soon from my topcoat, which is getting kind of old. My favorite way to spruce up/recycle/save a mani is to add texture and tape!!

I used my pinking shears (sewing scissors, you could use chevron or zig zag craft scissors) to cut thin strips out of blue painters tape. I taped off my sections and added accents of Zoya Liberty (the lighter pixiedust) and Zoya Sunshine (the darker pixiedust). Blue for all!

pardon the crappy pic, but this is how I do it! Tape, fill in with polish, and remove right away! Easy!
Can you see the shrinkage around my cuticle? BOO!

taped chevron strips

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