Friday, April 25, 2014

Puzzle piece nails inspired by NailStorming!

Hey guys! Today I have something a little different. I usually pride myself on being original and coming up with new designs, but the tag for today on IG is "nailspiration". Which sounds a little silly, but something told me exactly what to do....isn't that weird? Same thing happened with my Easter nails. I may or may not start doing something like this monthly...I just haven't decided yet. 

The lovely Gianna of the wildy popular NailStorming account on IG did these a few weeks ago. She is totally awesome at being awesome and I love her for it! I knew recreating them was going to be really challenging and I wanted to be as close as possible! Puzzles have been on my "to-do" list for a while. They aren't as good as hers but I don't totally hate them so I'm filing that in the win column :)


They matched my royal blue jeans I wore that day. yay for blue!

Polishes used:
base color: Sally Hanson Pacific Blue
red: OPI Thrill of Brazill
Yellow: Sally Hanson Mellow Yellow
light blue: OPI Can't find my Czechbook

Gianna has a tutorial on her account if you want to see how it's done!


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