Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter eggs

Hey guys!  Here are some non traditional Easter egg nails for you. They are juuuuust walking the line of being jewel-toned, which was not my intention but something I unintentionally gravitate toward!

I used all Zoya PixieDusts for these :)



I just wanted to say a quick note about doing nail art. Just like making cakes, the majority of it is smoke and mirrors. Make a dent, cover it up! I painted my white base in the morning and let it dry for several hours, knowing I wanted to use tape.During the course of the day I got huge dents on my first 2 fingers. All I did was move around the intended order of art to cover it up! That's another great thing about the textures, they are SO forgiving and really cover up dents and nicks ;)



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