Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Nails with Texture! (Zoya Pixiedust)

Hey guys! Valentine's Week Continues with texture! It's about time, right?? I LOVE sparkly textured polishes. It took me the longest time to get on the bandwagon but now that I'm on I'm making it my mission to sell the rest of the planet on them. Of course, this design can easily be done with creme polishes also.

Here is something simple and classic. For the hearts, just take a dotting tool or tooth pick and make 2 dots next to each other, then drag the polish down into a point. Takes a tiny bit of practice but super easy once you master it!

Zoya Chyna (red)

Zoya Godiva (nude)


  1. Oooh - soo pretty! I also took forever to try out the texture polishes. I picked up Zoya's Stevie and so glad I did!


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