Saturday, February 22, 2014

Princess Week-Cinderella Inspired Nails plus tutorial!

Hey guys!!! It's Cinderella's turn! You can see my nails I did last year when I ran the Princess Half  here.  This year I wanted to do something different. To me Cinderella is very ethereal, fluffy, sparkly, and dainty. I knew I wanted to do a variation on a french manicure for her, but I was doubtful because I am in the process of growing out a broken corner on my middle finger. I waited a week, filed them down as short as I could, and hoped for the best. Here is proof, that, even with super nubs you can rock a french!
I took pics as I did this for a tutorial, but forgot to take a pic of the last step, then decided it was unnecessary because I can just talk you through it :)

Apply 2 coats of a glittery base coat. I chose China Glaze Glistening snow. I did not use anything under it. You can use any sort of glittery base for it, Fairy Dust would work also, even with out a base coat because we are going for a delicate look here.

When it's dry, I added a shiny topcoat. I felt like Glistening Snow dried a little dull for me. Then, I took the brush from OPI Solitare (a textured sparkly white, you could always use a white creme for this as well) and just coated the tips. I did not use tape, just free hand. Only allow half the brush to cover your nail and go sideways, does that make sense?

Then, when that's dry, use a black striper to make a thin line as shown. This represents her collar necklace-y thing.

And that's it! Simple, delicate, whimsical. Love.


indoors to show sparkle

indoors blurry to show sparkle
side note: This kind of glittery polish is not fun to remove. It was easy to REMOVE, you know, just be prepared to look like you got poofed with fairy god-mother dust. Not a bad thing :)

Here's a quick video I took with my phone indoors to show all the holographic wonder that is Glistening Snow. It just doesn't translate in pictures. Boo!

Bottle shots of what I used:

From L: CG Glistening Snow, Seche Vite, OPI Solitare, black striper

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