Saturday, February 15, 2014

OPI Brazil 2014--My picks, Comparisons, and Art! (Part 2: The Nudes)

Hey guys! Here's the second half of the OPI Brazils I purchased. HOLYCOWOMG are the gorgeous. As you will see in the comparions I don't have many polishes in this range. Each one is 2 coats of perfection. And the maroon? If you are an Aggie then you NEED this in your life.
All pictures are outdoors, not in shade but an overcast day.
OPI Brazil 2014: The nudes
 First is Don't Bossa Nova Me Around. Funny name, beautiful shade. I use to have a Sinful Colors polish in this shade but I think I passed it on to a more loving home :) Under light colors like this I use a ridge-filling basecoat, it really helps with the opacity. That being said, it is hardly needed with this one. Hashtag Barbie Fingers.
OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around

I didn't have many to compare this to, but I did want to show it next to the next-darker one in this collection. On my index finger is OPI Tickle my France-y.

OPI Don't Bossa.... comparisons

Next is Taupe-less Beach. My husband can't stop giggling over the name, natch. Or he would probably say, not giggling, but laughing in a very manly way. This is kind of a gray-ish taupe, totally unique among what I have. LOVE.

OPI Taupe-less Beach

The closest I have is OPI Berlin-There, Done That. Which is quite a bit darker!
OPI Taupe-less comparions
Next is I Sao Paulo Over There. Mauvey-taupey-nude and lovely at it. Perfection.

OPI I Sao Paulo Over There

Here's a few comparisons to the others in this collection and OPI Berlin-There, Done That. Berlin sits right there in the middle, doesn't she?

I Sao Paulo comparisons

Here is a comparison with China Glaze Below Deck. These look more and more different the more I look at this picture, but when I had them on I could barely tell them apart. Same goes for in the bottle.
Below Deck was pretty much the only thing I had in the whole color family until now. Happy!

I Sao Paulo comparisons

Last is OPI Scores a Goal! And boy, did they ever. If they were to slap a Texas A&M logo on this they would hit the jackpot. We all know Aggies will buy anything with the logo on it. No? Just me? Ok. (Nail Polish companies out there listening? Who wants to make one for me?? We will BANK! I kid. Well....)

ANYWAY, This is perfection. More dusty and creamy and way less purple-y than OPI In the Cable Car Pool Lane, Anti Bleak, and Casino Royal, so I didn't include them in this comparison. (I may or may not own all 3 of those NOT THE SAME THEY'RE SIMILAR maroon polishes so if anyones wants to see them against this one let me know!)

OPI Scores a Goal!

The closest I had is Essie Angora Cardi, and it's not quite as dark. Formula on the OPI is way better, in my opinion.

Scores a goal comparions
Here is some nail art I did with all 4 of these polishes. They were just screaming DO A ZEBRA PRINT to me so I did. I've never done zebra with more than 2 colors of polish.....I have mixed feelings about how it came out.

Zebra Nail Art with Brazil Nudes

Here's a last look at the comparisons. I hope you guys like seeing posts on collections done this way! Something different I think! Sands are next!

OPI Brazil nudes comparisons

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