Thursday, March 3, 2011

The PW Project & PW Sour Cream Pancakes

Last week I FINALLY got The Pioneer Woman's cookbook! I've been wanting it for a while. I am planning on cooking my way through it, but only a few a week, or else all the progress my husband and I have made watching our calories since the beginning of the year will be negated!! I'm not trying to be original, I'm sure many have done this already. I just think it will be fun!

(disclaimer: I'm typing this blog from my phone, as a text, i'll try email next, and the pics are from there too. I hope it works, because this is the easiest way for me to get blogs up quickly as I progress along in this project!)

(2nd disclaimer: I went and changed this to a draft so I could edit the format on the computer because it didn't put the pics and text where I wanted. TEXT BLOG = FAIL. But, at least I got the text and pics up on here with a lot less time, just had to edit a little, so we'll see.)

Here we go! I also am using my cast iron skillet for the first time. She mentions having one, and the majority of the meals are made in it. I can't believe I've lived my entire life in the south and never had one! The first recipe I'm making is probably the simplest: Sour Cream Pancakes. For dinner. Because that's how we roll in my house! FTR: I have never made pancakes that weren't from a box mix. Don't judge! I would have more pics but my kitchen light is out and we all know how great the iPhone takes pics in low light!

So here we go-just trying one first. NOTE: That's real butter in the pan, people.

It turned out ok. I'm still tinkering with the heat settings. 2nd batch:

Um. Yeah. Clearly flipped too soon. These don't do the whole dry-around-the-edges-and-get-bubbly-on-top thing so you know when to flip them. Next batch: A little better. Not very pretty though! And not cooked all the way through, even though they look burnt.

Last batch:

Finally the right heat setting. I only got 9 out of this batch, and I measured the scoops, even though it's supposed to make 12.

All in all, they tasted decent. They tasted a little....grilled. Not bad, Just different. I'm guessing that's from the skillet? Because its new? I did wash it first, but the instructions said not to use soap. Will this go away? My 2 little food critics didn't seem to notice they were any different. I'm open to any tips anyone has on any of these recipes and/or cooking with a cast iron skillet!

P.S. I've said it on FB, and I'll say it here. If I cook my way through this book and survive, I'd like Kim Paisley to play me in the movie. Just sayin'.


  1. I love my cast iron pan! Took me a while to break down and get one too and when I first used it I was skeptical. Now, it's my baby!Everything cooks so well in it. As for the no soap thing..That's one thing I could not comply with, sorry...I do use soap but I "condition" it immediately after. It's nice and well seasoned now. Now, about those sour cream pancakes...Never had pancakes for dinner so I'm intrigued...Made with sour cream. Are they sweet? Do you use syrup or actually spread sour cream on them? What did you serve with them? Tell us more!

  2. I know you are supposed to season your cast iron skillet before you use it but not sure how to as Mike already had one when we got married. It is on the small side and I would like to get a larger one.

  3. Shawn-you've never had Brinner????? yikes! lol. I do it all the time here. The pancakes had sour cream IN sour cream, flour, sugar, eggs, etc. I guess instead of an oil? I think I need to make them in a regular skillet as well so I can take the taste of the skillet out of the equation. That was about all I could taste. They were pretty good. I served them with a little bit of syrup for dipping, but we were almost out so when the boys ran out I sprinkled a little powdered sugar on the rest.
    Ellen-it said on the package "pre-seasoned"...what does that mean? If I need to do that what does that involve? This one is about 10 inches...the smallest one I saw. I figured I'd start with that.


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