Thursday, March 10, 2011

Double Chocolate and Irish Cream Cupcakes

These don't need much of an intro:

Dark chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache and Bailey's Irish creme Buttercream. There are lots of these type of cupcakes making the rounds right now, so when I got asked to make some this week for a birthday I thought they'd be perfect!


  1. Girl you are so very talented. I follow alot of blogs at work, especially cooking because I am trying to explore and expand a little more.. I want to be a better baker, but I am not very creative. For Ty's birthday we are doing Team Umizoomi and I would like to do cupcakes that are homemade.. I am trying to keep it simple, like chocolate or yellow but haven't found a recipe I really like. Do you have any ideas? I will probably ice each one of them in multicolors.. Unless you have a better idea :-)

    1. HI! I'm just now logging back into blogger and seeing this :( Has his birthday already passed?


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