Friday, February 4, 2011

Wilton Flowers and Cake Design, class 1

I recently completed another Wilton cake decorating class, called "Flowers and Cake Design". The class I took before, last fall, was Fondant and Gum Paste. I was really on the fence about taking this class, mostly because as I said before, I'm not really a "flower" person. But I had such a blast at the Fondant class, and we actually made a TON of flowers in there, and I wasn't actually horrible at it, and ::stop the presses:: I liked making the flowers. So, here we are. The classes are once a week, for 4 weeks, 2 hours each.

Here's what we did in the first class.

Our in our kit we had this thing called a Button Flower Cut and Press set. This is something really cool and cute. There is a leaf one too but I don't have it. It's SO easy to use.

You mix a little gum paste and fondant together, then roll it out. On the back of the right side there is a nifty rectangle-shaped ridge around the edge of the plate that you press into what you rolled out and it cuts it to the exact size you need for the press.

Then, you put your piece of fondant into the right side, on the plate where all the ridges inside the flowers are.

Then, you close the left side over top of the right side, like a book, and preeeeessssss really hard. We even used a rolling pin over top of it. When you open it back up, this is what you have.

We used a little pin to pry out the pieces that wouldn't come out by banging it on the table. You get 3 little flower pieces that you can use together or not, or you can make different colors and mix and match them. They we stuck them together and let them dry in these plastic "flower former" cups so they dry with a little shape. How cute are they??

The other flower we learned this week was the Pansy. I didn't take many pics of this one during the process because it was a little involved. And to be honest, I wouldn't be able to pick a pansy out of a field of anything, so needless to say this wasn't my favorite thing. But I don't have to like them all, right? It's kind of cute and a good one to know I guess? Moving on!

That's about all we did during this lesson. The other stuff we covered was making icing bags out of parchment and making royal icing for the flowers next week.

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