Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011- A Bake-A-Thon!

So here we go, 9 cakes in 4 days!
First, the prep work. Assemble boxes, make royal icing roses and fondants, and the frosting. All this was done on the first day.

One cake was due earlier (the 2nd day), so it's not in the picture here.
Skip to Day 3, BAKING DAY! I had hoped to get all of them baked, torted and filled the first day, but here's as far as I got and the end of this day. Thank goodness we have an extra fridge in our garage!! My Husband was out of town all these days until the last day, which is partly why I was a bit behind schedule. The boys were going BONKERS and I didn't have as much uninterupted time to work as I hoped. It's much harder when they are running around the house! Also? We were practically snowed in the first part of this, which didn't help.

Day4: (Daddy's home, YAY!!) Finish icing the cakes, cover them all with fondant, and decorate. There is lots of chilling-in-between-time here too, but since there was so many I always had one to work on.
Here they are, all iced, smoothed, and ready for their fondant.

And, wa la! Ready to be boxed up and sent out!

And plus also? I squeezed in some time on day 2 to make a batch of Valentine's Day cake balls, for my kid's Valentine's party. But, I completely spaced on taking a picture of the whole platter-duh! Here's all that was left. They were vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting with a white chocolate coating.

Next project? Transforming the boys' room this weekend with new (to us) beds /slash/2nd attempt at moving #2 out of the crib and into a twin bed. Oh, and he turns 3 next week. So there will be that cake!


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