Monday, February 28, 2011

My Baby Boy's Train Cake

Well, the big boy is 3 now. He requested a "Thomas" cake, and was quite adamant about it, as he is about everything. I looked around a little on the web and found 2 basic kinds: cakes in the shape of the train, and regular cakes with Thomas stuff or drawings on top. I decided to go with the latter. This one is one of my favorite ones I've made I think! (Do I keep saying that??) He really loved it. After I took these pics I wrote his name on the little sun with some food markers.

I set the top tier back a little, which you can't really tell from the front, but you can from the back, so to make room for the train tracks and trains.

I didn't really do anything special with the bottom, so excuse the cardboard circle!

But this? This makes up for it.

look at me gettin fancy with photoshop! I SERIOUSLY need to hire someone to teach me how to use ALL of it. I don't find it self-explanatory AT all.

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