Monday, February 7, 2011

Wilton Flowers and Cake Design, class 2

This week in the Flowers and Cake Design class, we did a ton! The first part of making a rose with our royal icing we made at home (which is tricky! we were all having problems with the consistency of it). This icing dries rock hard and these flowers can be made way in advance, and are ideal for cakes that will have many many flowers on them. The we stuck wax paper squares on a flower nail with a template underneath it. The "rose base" is basically a Hershey's kiss shaped dollop of icing. You would think that sounds pretty easy, but for some reason, I could. not. get. it. All mine looked like drunk elf hats. You can't really tell in this pic, because they're covered with the first leaf of the rose, the center petal. But you can see how crooked they are! Frustrating. We skipped ahead a little and made actual roses with a couple of our bases. Of the 2 here, the good one my instructer did, and the "special" looking one, well, that's mine.

Then we moved on to Apple blossoms. Switch the template on the flower nail (it's a circle with lines in it that tells you how wide to make the petals basically.) THESE ARE SO FRIGGEN CUTE. I so fell in love with them right away. I knew these would be in heavy rotation in my future designs! They are so small, about the size of a nickel.

Then we moved to Primrose. These were very similar to the apple blossoms, but just a little bigger. I really liked these as well. I'm noticing a trend, I like the simple ones! These wavy things are another kind of flower former, you put them in there right after you make them and you can have them dry with a shallow cup or more narrow one. Pretty cool. And you can line up several of them on there at one time.

Next, rosebuds. These were quite simple on paper, but a little challenging on me. Definitely need to practice. Pardon the yellow stems, I only had 2 colors of icing this time.

We did a ton of stuff this week!

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