Thursday, December 8, 2016

Lush Snowie bubble bar

Hello! Today I have a the Lush Snowie bubble bar, a tribute to David Bowie!

This bubble bar is so cute! I'd be lying if I said I didn't buy  it because I knew it would make cute nail art! The scent is light and fresh, and very clean smelling. My internet research says it has the same scent as the Frozen bath bomb, which I haven't tried yet  because I'm afraid of all the glitter! But I probably will at some point.

You can see in the short little video how much I cut off for this bath. Just the smallest amount made an enormous amount of bubbles!!

There's something about pure white, glistening bubbles :) I'm really impressed with this bubble bar and I think I'll get a lot of uses out of one bar. The scent is mild and clean and would pair well with any other bath bombs. If I have a chance to get some more on sale I definitely would!

Here's a better look at the matching mani I did, I'll have a post on that tomorrow!

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