Thursday, December 1, 2016

Lush Autumn Leaf bath bomb review

Hey guys! Today I have my final Fall collection from Lush review before we dive in to the Christmas goodies! I did order a (ahem) sizeable amount of stuff, but I couldn't order one of everything as much as I wanted to! Boo hoo! And, I doubt I'll be able to get through all of it before Christmas is over so I'll proably still be posting holiday items in Jan and Feb :)

This is the Autumn Leaf bath bomb, which I think is new this year. I've had it for a while but finally had time to do a matching mani and use it! And, it does not disappoint!

These are the colors I used, I just combined them on the plate and scraped to blend like I have done recently. Check back tomorrow for lots more about these nails!

Check out this video to see Autumn Leaf in action!

This bath bomb smells REALLY good. To me it just smelled like good old fashioned clean, soap smell. I had to look up the ingredients again because I couldn't remember....and it shares the scent profile of the Grass Bubble Bar, which I reviewed here, and quite liked a lot!!! This is definitely one I would grab several of if I caught any during the Boxing Day Sale. Highly recommend! And, it's absolutely beautiful to watch, despite being a really slow fizzer. It makes patterns in the water like the Arizona mountains. I did have a little bit of the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar, which I reviewed here, so that's why the water is orange. So I can't say if Autumn Leaf colors your water on its own or not.

Here's another look at the coordinating mani coming up tomorrow!


Like what you see? Any tips or advice? Lemme know!