Friday, December 23, 2016

Lush Mistletoe bath bomb

 Hello! I'm still working on going through all the content I have and getting it posted! These Lush posts are more work than a regular post because I have to produce the coordinating nail look, then get around to using the product and then posting about both here! I wish I could have gotten through it all before Christmas but I'm only one person with so much time! I will continue to post these as I get through them even after Christmas. AND, I have a few other items that aren't holiday-ish I want to review as well! I really like this little theme so I'm going to keep up with it until I get tired of it, haha.

Today I have the Mistletoe bath bomb, which is new this year.  On my nails is more of a holly design, which isn't exactly the same thing, but it will work! I thought some cute owls looking at each other lovingly would be a nice touch. I'll have more on that tomorrow.

The Mistletoe bath bomb is a really pretty combination of colors and it fun to watch. The scent is very jasmine-y which apparently I don't like very much. This bath bomb was a little to "musky" for me. 

It made gorgeous bright fuchsia patterns in the water!

The water was a really nice purpley pink shade.

All in all, this bath bomb would not be a repurchase for me, and I know know that anything with jasmine in it I probably wouldn't like. It is really pretty though and would be a great Christmas present for anyone in to jasmine or musky scents! 

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