Friday, December 16, 2016

Lush The Christmas Penguin bubble bar

Hello! Today I have the Lush Christmas Penguin bubble bar! How cute is this little guy?!?!? I swear I saw somewhere that this little guy was inspired by the Little Penguins of Australia, which I have actually seen in person! I can't find that anywhere now :/ but we are just going to go with that! For those that don't know my husband is Australian and I made a trip over there with him before we were even engaged. We went down to Phillip Island with his sister and saw the Little Penguins. It's a whole process of learning about them and then making your way to the beach where they have a little set of bleachers. You sit and freeze your rear off until the sun goes down and then all the Little Penguins come out of the ocean and waddle up the beach with food to feed their babies in the nests in the dunes! You have to be super quiet and photographs are STRICTLY forbidden so you don't scare them. They were the Cutest. Thing. Ever. It was so worth it!!!

When I saw this bubble bar as part of the Lush line up I was certain I'd get it :)

I'll have a post in the matching nail art tomorrow :)

I used half the bubble bar and it made a ton of bubbles! It also surprisingly turned the water a light shade of blue! I combined it with the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, which I reviewed here, and which also makes the water blue, so it was a wonderful combination! 

The half I used contained the little beak, which was some sort of hard piece of candy? I don't know, it didn't want to dissolve so I just fished it out. 

Check out the video to see me painfully cutting the little guy in half ;)

It made the water a pretty shade of light blue *heart eyes*

The Christmas Penguin smells really fresh and clean, a lot like the Pop in the Bath bubble bar, which is probably why I liked it so much! The blue water is an added bonus! Definitely going to try to get more of this little guy-I need an army of Penguins in my bathroom so I feel safe :)

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