Tuesday, December 6, 2016

First time stamping snowflakes!

Hello! Today I have more adventures in me getting into stamping. This is the mani I wore all last weekend. I was really feeling neutral and brown so I decided to dig through my Essies!

The lighting was really terrible out-gray and cloudy. bleh.

I used Mochacino (brown sparkly, untried), Parka Perfect (dusty blue, untried), Sand Tropez (nude) and Beyond Cozy (glitter).

The plate I used is Moyou Festive 02, which is all single snowflakes. I just love it, but man is there a knack to picking up the whole image, especially when you aren't using polish specifically made for stamping! Some of those snowflakes have such detail engraved in them. Those fine detailed designs are definitely harder to get on the stamper than the regular ones. These polishes stamped fairly well, considering.

indoor lights
Overall I was pretty happy with this mani, especially since I was able to duplicate this on my right hand too! Point -> Stamping! I still have a lot of work to go.

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