Monday, December 5, 2016

Lush Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb review

Hello! I hope where ever y'all are you're having better weather than us here in Tennessee. The past week has been really crazy and sad wildfires in east tenn, now we are full fledged into the winter season. We basically didn't have a fall! Winter in Nashville is bleak: gray, overcast, drizzly, and miserable. We go for a week at a time with no sun. It's just terrible! We are on day 3 of this bs now with no end in sight. I'm so glad I had this bath bomb from my Christmas  order to lift my mood!

Nails: OPI Hey Baby (pink) and I Just Can't Cope-cabana (yellow)
Never Mind the Ballistics is (I believe) new this year, it's a full bath bomb dipped in cocoa butter so you have the effect of a bath melt and bath bomb in one! This is the first one of this kind I've ever used. It's so bright and cheerful it can be used year round!! And the smell?! It. Smells. So. Good. I just could not get over it. (I can stil detect it in my bathroom a day and half later!) The main notes are lime and sweet orange oil, but to me I was picking up a raspberry citrus scent. It reminds me of when I make jam-the boiling fruit and sugar meets the moment you add the lemon juice-it's just heavenly. I have really been not going for the "fruity" scents lately so I'm surprised I love this one as much as I do. This was one of the 2 bath bombs I ordered 2 of based on my in-store smell sesh a couple weeks ago. Boy am I glad I did!!!

Check out this awesome bath bomb in action! And...I'd love it if you'd subscribe to my You Tube channel! I can't get a custom URL until I get to 100 subscribers so I'd love it if you could help! I have lots more planned for my channel in the new year ;)

I love how the hot pink oil beads up on the surface as the bath bomb dissolves. It's so cool! It's like a neon shooting star! 

Never Mind the Ballistics has shot up to the top of my list...second only to Avobath. If this was a blue/green combo with the scent of Avobath it'd be the only one I ever used. My poor, dry, struggling against the heat running all the time now in the house skin responded right away to the oils-I didn't even need lotion after my bath. And, it didn't leave the tub an oily "death trap" like some others I've read about (and am yet to review).

I'm going to take my chances at theLush  Boxing Day sale and as I'm making a list of what holiday items I'd like more of if possible, this one is at the top! Wish me luck! Highly, highly recommend!!


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