Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pipe dream polish Street Carnival Collection...swatches, review, and more from my other recent purchase!

Hey guys! I meant to have this post up yesterday but my internet decided to start being stupid right in the middle of the other stuff I was doing so no time for hobby stuff! boo! So here I am at the crack of dawn writing it today bc all my kids are up early on a Saturday...because that's how it goes in my house. At least the older ones will stay in their rooms for a little bit (when told to) haha. I'm probably going to the new Ulta near here again today to try for another giftcard. Yay free stuff!

This is just a little round up of the swatches and nail art I've been posting this week around the internets. I recently made a couple sizable purchases from April of pipe dream polish (yes purchases! EVERYTHING in this post was purchased by me). One was a little while ago when she decided to clearance out all of her old polish so she can focus on her new collections  (check out my post on her original neon crèmes here Pipe dream polish A Night In Vegas Collection) I think I bought about 8? and that's not even all of them...and I wanted more...all of them! There were a few more glitter toppers and glitter jellies I didn't get...I think. I tried to only get the ones I would really wear a ton. That's hard, yall! :) And then more recently I was lucky enough to catch a restock and release of her newest collection, called Street Carnival Collection. Those are the 5 crèmes you will see here. All the other ones were purchased in the sale and are no longer available. If you are interested in the crèmes I suggest you go to her website (link earlier, just because I love her!) and get all the info there!

Needless to say I knocked out a whole lot of untried/unblogged polishes for this post! WHOOP! Lets go then!

First up is "masquerader" which is a raspberry toned pink, which is my favorite shade of pink. These crèmes are all neons too, which means they dry fast and matte, but in the best way possible. April's formulas on her neons are legen---wait for it---dary!  This is 2 coats plus topcoat and on my ring finger is "you've got a toner" which is from a recent Pipe Down This Love is Bliss box, which I've posted about before here, I really really really loved this polish but didn't love allllll the other polishes in the box enough to shell out the cash, so as soon as I saw someone selling this in a destash I grabbed it up SO FAST! Win!


Here's a close up shot of  "you've got a toner" in the bottle! I did a little subtle watermarble accent over it with another of her polishes called "Clearwater" basically its a clear base for using to watermarble over a base you don't want to cover up, does that make sense?

You've got a toner
Next is "rhythm" which is a bright orange crème. Really different than her previous orange which was more of a eye-searing barely reddish orange. This one is really pretty...if you like orange. I was on the fence about getting the set or just buying all of them except the orange, because yall know it isn't really my jam. But I just figured I wanted the whole set. So, here we are! Orange! This is 2 coats plus topcoat.


I added a gradient (I've been practicing!) with "on the list" which is the neon pink from the A night in Vegas collection. I added this glitter "be my flamingo" which as tiny pink and orange hex glitters in it, on top and then OPI matte topcoat (the best, not sponsored, lol) I really loved this. Like, really really really loved this!

be my flamingo

The green is "tabanca" how friggggggen gorgeous is this!!!! The previous green was more of a lime green, this is a really awesome kelly green. I will be using this a ton! This is 2 coats plus tocoat. On my ring finger is 3 brushed coats of irie. 


This is "irie" in the bottle. It's limited edition and has already been released twice, I'm not sure if its coming back or not! It has teeny tiny glitters in red, black, green, and yellow. I almost didn't pick this up but I'm glad I did! I added a watermarble on top of it using:

pipedream polish: Clearwater, light of day, tabanca
OPI: Black Onyx
Zoya: Janel

I added a quick one brush coat of irie over my middle finger and then more matte topcoat. Love!

irie with matte topcoat

This is "celebration" ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love this so much. Its really hard to photograph, I had to adjust the color a ton so that's why my fingers look so read. But you guys need to see how the polish really looks! My camera made it look much more like a royal blue and really its turquoise! How perfect is this. I mean. 2 coats plus topcoat.

For the art here I did a dry brush gradient type thing on top with happy hour, celebration, and all in. I used April's holo topcoat called "all these diamonds" I really like it!  But my colors kind of disappeared into the base, it looked way better in my head. Next time I'll do it over white.

all these diamonds
Last is "harlequin" the most royalist purple you'll ever see. GAH! 2 coats!


Lastly I have accent of "empyrean" using zig zag nail vinyls and one brushed coat over my ring finger. I really really loved this too. They go so well together, no?


I hope yall liked this post! I love April and love her polishes, and can't recommend them enough! Go get some! 

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