Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Wear Test

Hey guys!

Today I have the results of the little wear test I did with the Sally Hanson miracle gels I posted about last week. I wore this mani last weekend for 4 full days--that's the most I can do as a blogger when so many fall polishes are rolling in! 

 The polishes I used are Totem-ly Yours (nude), Fish-teal Braid (teal), and Beatnik (blue).

I decided to see if these polishes water marbled and guess what-they do! I tried 2 different methods-water dipping and decal (where you let it dry on the water, pull it off and cut it to fit your nail). On a base of Totem-ly yours on my first 2 fingers I did the water dip method and on my ring and pinky method I made a decal and cut it to fit in an interesting way. I was really happy with how it turned out! 

Here is how it looked after 4 days. Not too shabby! I was pretty active on my weekend and did all the normal things. I will say, the top coat takes a while to dry. I gave it an hour and then I had to get on with my life. It was still dentable but then smooth out-able if that makes sense! 


  1. what's the technique of mixing and applying shades like that? looks mesmerizing
    is there a tutorial available on that? sorry, a rookie question. I can't even figure out the search query for that )

    1. yes, it's called Watermarbling! Google it or search you tube! :)

    2. thank you for the answer! it looks to be such a messy process, yet your result is so elegant and classy. I guess, it only comes with lots of practice :) no other way around it


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