Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish plus the new 2X top coat Review (part one of two)

Hey guys! I'm back, I hope! This past month has been super crazy getting ready for school to start for my kids (they went back August 7th! How much crap is that!) and my 3 year old ready to start preschool. He's starting twice a week for now. My baby-ugh! But our schedules have been all over the place and they are always extra tired the first couple weeks going back to school full time. I am so ready to get back into a routine! My house-to-do list is a mile long, so many things need to be sorted through and reorganized without little prying eyes and invasive hands, lol. I am looking forward to getting back to a regular schedule of blogging too--it's all about the balance, yes??

Anyhoo! Today I have some Sally Hansen swatches for ya! I was pretty excited when they asked if they could send me these...I think SH was some of the first polish I ever owned when I was younger...like ever! That and Maybelline, haha! I've never tried these Miracle Gel polishes but have been wanting to! So they sent me 3 polishes and their new "2X" topcoat, it's supposed to be extra shiny! It is designed to "cure" in natural light instead of a UV/LED light. This review will be in 2 parts, I'm showing yall swatches of the shades they sent me which are new for 2015, then when I get all caught up (hopefully next week) I'm going to do a little wear test with the topcoat!

A little note on the shades they sent me....I didn't get to choose, all I asked for was anything but orange! And LOOK at what they sent me...I mean....could they be any more perfect shades for me???

new Miracle Gel shades for 2015

First up is "Totem-ly Yours" which they call "an appealing dusty rose". This is from the Tribal Vibe collection, which is one of 2 new collections released in conjunction with the new topcoat.  To me its more like a pinkish taupe, and I really love this type of shade. I feel like its super flattering on anyone and work appropriate. I'm wearing 2 coats here and for topcoat in this post I used SH Insta Dry (purchased by me). When I wear this for real I will probably add a 3rd coat to even things out. The formula was a little thinner than the other 2 I have. Another note on these, I would clean up your edges as you go instead of waiting till the end. They seem to set a bit faster.

Totem-ly Yours

Totem-ly Yours

Next is Fish-teal Braid from the Boho Chic collection. This is a teal leaning turquoise, teal is more green to me than turquoise.  This photographed a bit bluer that it is in real life so I had to bump up the green a little to show the accurate color! SH says not to use a base coat with these polishes but we alllllll know teals love to stain, and this one did when I swatched it! I have a tooth brush I use on my nails and most of it came off with just soap and water and a good scrub, so no biggie, just be aware! Otherwise, the formula on this one is GREAT, almost a one coater. I used 2.

Fish-teal Braid

Fish-teal Braid

Lastly I have Beatnik, which is also from the Boho Chic collection. Yall know how I feel about royal blue polishes so I don't need to ramble on ;) The formula on this one is great too! I thought some people might wonder how it compares to the most famous Sally Hansen blue, so I did  a little comparison below!



This is (original formula) Pacific blue on the left 2 nails and Beatnik on the right 2. When I look at these in the bottle they look similar, but when I tested them on paper Beatnik was quite a bit darker, but I knew yall wouldn't believer me. :) so here you go!

Pacific Blue comparison

Overall, I'm impressed with the formula. My only issue with SH in the past is the brushes....they are flat and wide, which I prefer, but the edge is kind of raggedy...I wish they would fix that!! I would make for a much more even application. I'm looking forward to seeing how they hold up on extended wear!

[The new Miracle Gel top coat, limited editon duo packs, Tribal Vibe Collection and Boho Chic collection are available beginning July 2015 everywhere Sally Hansen is sold. Color and top coat are $9.99 and duo packs are $14.99]

*these polishes were provided for my review but yall know I always speak the truth!


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