Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Zoya Focus Collection for Fall 2015 Swatches and Review

Hey guys! Today I have the first half of Zoya's fall collections! The Focus collection is 6 crèmes in rich fall colors. Zoya almost ALWAYS hits it out of the park with crèmes, lets get right in to it!

Zoya Focus fall 2015

Some of my swatches have topcoat and some don't, I'll let you guys know! These crèmes are so shiny you barely  need topcoat, if nothing else for quick dry time!

I also am trying to work on not being so long winded describing each polish so I tried to keep it concise! :)

This is Hannah,  a cherry red. The formula on this was amazing, almost one coat, seriously. I did two but it barely needed it. I'm not a huge red fan but this felt really wearable for me. I recently just wore a full red mani for the first time ever! Topcoat is HK Girl.

Zoya Hannah

Lidia is a deep eggplant purple. Little thinner formula on this one but was completely fine in 2 coats. I really love dark purples like this on super short nails! No topcoat here.

Zoya Lidia
Charli is a olive-y camo green.  Guys....this is ONE coat! Seriously. Perfect formula. No topcoat.

Zoya Charli

Janel is a darker fall red. Another perfect formula, so buttery it practically applied it self! I wrote that in my notes, haha! No top coat here. I will never tire of brick red shades.

Zoya Janel

Desiree is a dark chocolate brown. I have a few browns like this from Zoya and they are all great! 2 coats, no top coat.

Zoya Desiree

Lastly is Sia. Yall know this is my favorite! My press release basically said this would stain because i was so opaque, so to be sure to use basecoat. I used yellow stopper as my base coat so I could peel it off and had no issue! Be sure to double up on base coat or use yellow stopper or glue for a peel off. BUT, that being said I did use acetone for clean up and had no problem! Any hoo, this is 2 coats of pure bliss :)

Zoya Sia
Final thoughts: none of the colors in this collection are super original, but are good fall staples if you don't have them already! My picks are Sia, Hannah and Charli!

Zoya retails for $9.00 and is available at, these are already shipping now!

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