Thursday, May 28, 2015

Zoya Paradise Sun Nail art Roundup!

Hey guys! Just like I did with the Island Fun collection, I wanted to post a quick little round up of the nail art looks I did with the Paradise Sun collection with all the names of the polishes I used (all Zoya haha!)

If you missed my review of the Paradise Sun collection you can see it

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This is Genesis "blobbed" with the rest of the collection! It took me foreverrrrrrrr to get the hang of this technique and now I'm a little obsessed.

Zoya Genesis

This is Mae with a gold accent of Tomoko and chevrons on Purity with Tomoko and Mae. I friggen love pink and gold together!

Zoya Mae

Since Aphrodite is the goddess of Love I thought I'd use my little Fingrs decals (purchased at walmart) for a cute love themed mani!

Zoya Aprhodite

Oceane means cute little starfish with Destiny (my last untried Pixiedust) and dots of Taylor

Zoya Oceane

I used half circle/moon vinyls to create this look with Zoya Ryan-which is super opaque and quite handy for something simple!

Zoya Selene

It's been a while since I've colorblocked! The base is Julie, and the blocks are Stevie (texture), Purity (white), Isa, and Savita (matte)

Zoya Isa

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