Friday, May 15, 2015

Zoya Island Fun for Summer 2015 swatches and review!

Hey guys! Today I have the first half of Zoya's summer collection, called "Island Fun"! This is a good collection of crèmes with some staple colors, and I am loving the tropical names of the collections :) But the polishes themselves don't have tropical names, bummer haha. I didn't include comparisons this time, but if any of you want to see them, be sure to let me know in the comments! Click Read More after the collage for the review!

Island Fun collection 2015

For me the consistency of the formulas was a little all over the map. Let's jump in.

First up is Jace. Zoya calls this a "tropical green". Its definitely darker than Tilda from last years summer collection, but in the same color family. Tilda is more of a lime green and this is a darker almost olive green.  The formula was thin and watery, it took 3 coats for me. Its a little darker on the nail than in the bottle.

Jace (direct lighting)

Jace (filtered lighting)

Next is Cecilia. This is a classic teal color and seriously one of my favorite colors lately. But hoooo boy this is a stainer. It's not her fault though, most blues and greens are! I wore ridge filling base coat and it still stained when I took it off. A quick scrub with a toothbrush and toothpaste took most of it off. I have since found out since I swatched these that a peel off basecoat will prevent staining-and I tried it, it does! My problem is peel off base coats don't last more than a day on me. This color is GORGEOUS, just be aware! This is 2 coats.

Cecilia (direct lighting)

Cecilia (filtered lighting)
This is Talia, a turquoise crème. This took 2 coats as well. Talia and Cecilia were the ones I was most excited about (duh) HOW PRETTY is it??? This one does stain too so use a peel off base or a thick layer of regular basecoat!

Talia (direct lighting)

Talia (filtered lighting)

Next is Demetria, a really bright cherry tomato red (Zoya calls it Poppy red). I'm not super in to reds but this shade is surprisingly wearable for me! I will definitely be wearing this on my toes as well! This formula was similar to Jace, a little thinner and took 3 coats. But look how shiny!

Demetria (direct lighting)

Demetria (filtered lighting)
Nana, a "fuschia" raspberry dark pink. Yall, I have several polishes similar to this and I will never get tired of them. This is my favorite shade of pink! GAH! 2 coats.

Nana (direct lighting)

Nana (filtered lighting)

Last is Serenity, a really pretty medium shade purple. This is a staple for all collections! It photographed a little darker than it is, purples are so difficult like that! Perfect in 2 coats.

Serenity (direct lighting)

Serenity (filtered lighting)

Over all I really love this collection, my pics are Talia, Cecilia (despite the staining) and Nana! Zoya Island fun is availble now on for $9 now and will be in stores soon! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @AggiesDoItBetter for swatch art and video tutorials for each of these polishes in the next several days! 

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