Monday, May 11, 2015

Stamping with Picture Polish Sea Jewel and Ocean

Hey guys! I have another stamping post today! I actually did this before the OPI post that was right before this. I had a major fail which I have a pic of at the I would up just doing a simple stamp...sort of!
I also used Picture Polish Sea Jewel and Bright White...the last 2 of my untried PP's...which is a good thing because I just ordered more (monkey covering eyes emoji, haha!)

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I don't have a macro lense but this is just a zoomed in and cropped pic so you can see the two colors. I just swiped 2 diff colors on the plate (BP13) and then scraped. It's supposed to make a gradient like look but I'm pretty terrible at it! I didn't think it looked half bad. You can really see the difference in the polishes though...Picture Polish Ocean is a jelly like polish with holo flakie glitters in it and Sea Jewel is a straight up glitter.


I also used Picture Polish Revolution glitter base under it to see if it really worked to make glitter polish easier to get off. I think it did, but I need to try again to be sure!
I included some extra pics of different lighting so I can continue to compare for my self :)

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This was my fail...trying to make a decal. I wanted the circles to be gold but the gold polish I chose wasn't opaque enough and I didn't have the patience to try it again.

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I thought it looked terrible so I didn't use it :/

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