Friday, May 22, 2015

Zoya Paradise Sun collection for Summer 2015: Swatches and Review

Hey guys! Today I have the second half of Zoya's Summer collection! If you missed the first half--the crèmes--you can see them HERE :)

This collection consists of shimmers, and most of them are siblings to the crème versions in the Island Fun set! I'm usually a person who will pick a crème over a shimmer any day of the week, but I actually like these more! WHAT! That's a first for me. These polishes-especially a few in particular-literally feel like they glow on the nail. Maybe I will be a shimmer convert after this! Lets get into it!

Zoya Paradise Sun 2015

First up is Mae, a bright magenta shimmer. The formula on this was perfection! I fell in love with this one immediately! It reminds me of one of my favorite Pixiedusts--Arabella-- but without the texture. These are almost as sparkly as the original Pixies....maybe that's why I love them so much!This is 2 coats.

Also--I'm using direct light more these days but shimmers tend to get lost in direct light so I've included larger pics of the filtered lighting!

Mae (filtered light)

Mae (direct light)
This is Oceane..which I can't read the name with out thinking of Oceanic Airlines (let's just get that out of the way haha) This is a turquoise with a crazy metallic shimmer... I just have no words for how pretty this is . If you are a blue lover then you NEED DIS. The formula is amazing....I used 2 coats but I barely need the 2nd one!
(note: this does stain though  so be sure to have an extra thick layer of base coat or use a peel off base. If you do get staining, a quick scrub with a toothbrush and toothpaste usually works for me)

Zoya Oceane (filtered light)

Oceane (direct light)

This is Genesis...a shimmery white. This is the one I was the most excited about! My camera really has a hard time with whites frustrating! I don't have Zoya Snow White to compare but to my knowledge this is similar to that. I did have a little bit of a hard time with the formula, it was thick and I wasn't able to get as thin of a coat as I wanted without it being super streaky. BUT I do love how it turned out and I will be playing with it more to unlock her secrets :)
This pic is 3 coats.

Genesis (filtered light)

Genesis (direct light)

Next is Aprhodite....the goddess of love, awwwwww. This one is more like a jelly type formula, I did 2 coats but I think 3 are in order. The formula here is very different than the rest in this collection.

Aphrodite (filtered light)

Aphrodite (direct light)

This is Selene...a shimmery teal that leans a little more green. Super opaque, amazing formula, but also stains if you're not careful! This reminds me a lot of what the Matte Velvet green (Verushka) looks like with topcoat.

Selene (filtered light)

Selene (direct light)

Lastly Isa, a "blurple" (blue-ish-purple) shimmer that is a surprise favorite for me! When I used this for the blobs in the mani with Serenity it couldn't believe how much it glows. I mean! Gosh. Great formula again, super opaque, and no staining!

Isa (filtered light and color corrected)

Isa (direct light and color corrected)

This collection is available now on and should be in stores soon! Zoya retails for $9!

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