Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spotlight Favorite Polish: OPI Can't Find My Czechbook

Hey guys! I wanted to do a little "Spotlight" post today! This might be come a series just to show off some of my favorite polishes :)  My friend Marcella and I found ourselves both about to do a quick mani and she suggested we twin it up and use OPI Can't Find My Czechbook! This polish is seriously a FAVORITE of mine...I never seem to get around to doing a top 10 list but I will someday! This will definitely be on it. I'm not sure what began my obsession with turquoise but it's been about a year? Now and it's still going strong. STRONG I tell you!

Enjoy some spam...

I mean. It's just so pretty on its own.

For this mani I used OPI ridge filling basecoat, 2 perfect effortless coats of color and Seche Vitte for topcoat. It last me all weekend of unpacking and assembling IKEA furniture! Score! 

I've been joking that this polish matches my life...and it does. Like, it does. Here's a few pics I snapped just this weekend ...

This is a peak at my new office space for the regular home office keeping I do and also for blogging. It's a work in progress!  It's my first official big girl office...I think I'm gonna call it my HoH room :) I've graduated from a corner in the bedroom to a nook to a whole room! It's not just a "nail room" because there more other stuff that happens there than nails! Would anyone be interested in a little room tour when I'm done? Maybe a video tour?? 

This is a little collage Marcella made for us. She is lucky enough to live very near a beach in Florida and I'm jealous every day!! 

The lighting is terrible in my bathroom at night but this mask I used (and loved!) also matched-which cracked me up. I'm easily entertained. 

Would you guys like to see more of this type of post?? Let me know!


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