Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Bullet Proof Coffee" Aggies Do It Better style

Good morning! (Well, it's morning while I'm typing this!) It's been almost exactly a month since my last blog post. Man! I hate that. Moving has been super crazy, even though its a really local move! 11 years of marriage and 3 kids = A LOT OF STUFF. I feel like I'm pretty good at purging now and again but moving makes you realize how much stuff you have "out of sight, out of mind", right?? So yet again, I'm trying to unpack/thin out/organize as I go. Makes for a long process! I wish I could just work in one room at a time and finish it before I move on but life with a 3 year old at home doesn't allow it. I'm winding up working in several rooms at a time, wherever I can keep him entertained. As a result, I guess I will just wake up one day and it will all be done? We do have a goal date to be done (which is fast approaching-we are having my in-laws from overseas stay with us for a week) and I need to (somehow) pick up the pace yikes!

Well, I guess this has turned into a life update! haha! Look at me using a phrase I learned on You Tube ;) Along with moving comes stress and poor diet choices. We are super selective about the take out we do get but still.....that along with the the weight I've gained from not running/back and neck issues/broken toe issues/WINTER has made for round the clock sweatshirts...and I finally had enough. 2 weeks ago I decided to not only cut my calories but also really look at my nutrient intake for the first time. Learning what I'm lacking has been eye opening! I need to be able to get back in my shorts by summer and I'm on my way #yay So if you follow me on Instagram you have seen and will continue to occasionally things about that.  More will be in another post!

Anyhooooo I've been trying to wean myself from store bought coffee creamer for years....various options. Problem is none are matching the flavor and sweetness I need (just a tad to cut the bitterness) without being super high in calories. ugh! We've all seen about "Bulletproof" coffee which a dude invented after a trip to Tibet (google it) The Tibetan version is yak's milk butter in their tea, his version is butter and coconut oil blended together with coffee. It isn't meant to be low calorie, but full of healthy fats you need to stay full. It's meant to me more of a meal replacement. NOW yall I'm not a nutritionist or guru, this is just a combo that I found works for me! I tried with butter and I didn't like it. Just coconut oil doesn't cut the bitterness for me, but I'm working on using less sweetened condensed milk! YES you heard me right. Sweetened condensed milk is common in Vietnamese coffee. So we are all kinds of international here! Want my recipe? yeah, you do.

Here's what you need. just 4 things-coffee (you can use brewed or a k-cup. I've done both), coconut oil, sweetened condensed milk and a bullet. (A regular blender might work, I haven't tried it)  And an awesome mug ;)
NOTE: This will not work with a coffee/milk frother. Don't even waste your time. It doesn't whip the oil and you will just have an oil slick in your coffee and it's gross, dude.

I brew the coffee right into the bullet cup. I usually use the middle or largest amounts of coffee, but any of them will do. I haven't done this with the smallest option (5 oz?) but I will. There is no wrong option :)

my last DD k-cup :(


OK. When it's done, I use a tablespoon measuring spoon, because I'm nerdy like that. And because I'm counting my calories. You can eyeball it if you want. Drop one tablespoon of coconut oil in.

It smells good but looks weird. 

weird, right?

Then add one tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk. I have to measure this too or I'll use the whole container. Yep. I have been using a little less than 1T and it's still good enough for me.

NOTE: If you can find the SCM in a squeeze bottle get it! It's so worth it. The cans are so annoying because you only use a little at a time anytime you use it and then you have to find another container, etc etc to store it. bah! Get the squeeze bottle and then you can refill it with the cans! (or make your own!)

nectar of the gods!

Screw on the regular cross blade Bullet bottom. Get it on there good but don't over tighten because it will get tighter from the hot beverage creating a vacuum in there.

Let 'er rip! I usually blend mine for a bout 15-30 seconds. I think? I should have timed it! Just as long as it takes to look all blended.

When you stop it, the foam immediately forms. It's not like milk foam. It's thicker and creamier. Like a whipped cream-foam.

YAS! Oh, and when you take the blade off? Try not to pass out from the divine smell!

That foam doesn't lie, folks

Pour said rich foamy coffee into your awesome mug.

There you go! Super simple and freakin' amazing. The foam lasts all the way to the bottom-it doesn't disappear. And, it's been keeping me full until lunch! I don't normally eat a big breakfast anyway. I can definitely tell a difference in my urges to snack since I've been having this. I mean, I do have to keep busy because I'm a snacker by nature. It's a process!

Let me know in the comments if yall try this and what you think! I'm aiming to start including more lifestyle posts in my blog roll (my blog used to be pretty much all food!) so I hope you guys enjoy them!


  1. I've been working on getting my health in track in addition to cutting calores too! I VERY HIGHLY recommend the app called My Fitness Pal!! It has been so awesome for not only keeping track of calories, but all other nutrients as well :)

    1. I LOVE My Fitness Pal! It really works for me! I'm using it now (again)

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