Friday, April 24, 2015

Pipe Down This Love is Bliss box- April 2015

Hey guys! This weekends post is all about the April "Pipe Down This Love Is Bliss" box! I'm actually getting a post up about it in the same month! Whaaaatttt!! You can read my post about my first box from January Here!

I haven't picked up one of these boxes since January. I kind of liked the February box but I needed to be on a major no-buy! And after all the MAC Cinderella stuff I bought...well, yall know. I've been in the poor house haha! I wish I could pick up all these boxes! But I need to be more discretionary with my polish spending bc my stash is becoming a little larger than I'd like (kind of). As soon as I saw this box, I knew I would be getting it! The star for me is the Polish my Life polish, called "A Sea of Diamonds". I'm SUCH a sucker for colors like this! GAH! Its a major weakness, I know. The theme for this box is "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" :)

The polishes are, from L:

Love Angeline "Canary Diamonds"
Bliss Polish "Girl's Best Friend"
Polish My Life "A Sea of Diamonds"
Pipe Dream Polish "Carbonado Lustre"

How cute is the packaging?!

I didn't think all 4 of these polishes went together as well as the January box, so I divided them up into 3 fun manis!

The first (and my favorite) combination is this one. I MEANNNNNNNNN. I think Carbonado Lustre is going to be a fast favorite overall for me. April does these kinds of glitters so well! I have several already and I just love them! I highly recommend checking out her site Pipe Dream Polish. Champagne Kisses and Cha Ching are some of my favorite polishes I own and work so well for accent nails! They are so sparkly!

There's no blue glitters in CL but the reflection from the blue polish makes it seem like there is! Its actually teeny tiny black and silver holographic glitters in a clear base. I think I did 3 coats on my ring finger and 2 on my thumb...its pretty opaque in 2. ASOD is also 3 coats plus topcoat.

This mani gets multiple pictures just because....I took them.

I used the Bliss polish in another mix and match  mani (I've been doing these a lot lately!) with Zoya Dovima (matte black) and Zoya Arabella (Pixiedust-raspberry colored texture). One of my favorite ways to use this type of crelly polish with glitters is to find matching colors in my collection with different finishes!

I almost always wear texture on my thumbs....because I regularly break the nail-blogger rule: nails aren't tools (monkey hides face emoji here)

I used the Love Angeline polish with a simple pink mani of Loaded Lacquer "No Bra". I think a lot of us love the pink/gold combo, yes? This is a reallllly yellow gold and I think my skin is a bit confused with it. I have yet to figure out if I'm warm or cool toned, but this shade of gold looks a bit off on me, I think. None the less, its super opaque, I only needed 2-3 coats for full opacity! I tried to do a "jelly sandwich" on my thumb with these 2 and it didn't work at all, so you don't get to see it. I think because the glitter is so opaque!

Again, playing with my lighting. This is not the soft light I usually use. It looks a little off to me, what do yall think?? GRR, I can't wait to be able to take pics outside again.

I'm also tinkering with making my pics a little larger on my blog (you will only notice if you are viewing on a non-mobile device) something I've stayed away from in the past. What say yall?


  1. GAH! I'm in love with A Sea of Diamonds and Carbonado Lustre. <3 I like the mix of large and smaller pictures, with the larger one being a focal - I also like big pictures and am working on getting mine larger too!


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