Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Picture Polish Swagger

Hey guys! Today I have the full mani I wore this past weekend. It's one of the last few of my untried Picture Polishes (only so because I have been super busy since I got it!) DANG this polish is as awesome as I hoped and knew it would be. BUT it was also the hardest one to photograph! The color is a dusty medium blue with a slight periwinkle tone, but my camera would only see blue! I had to color adjust the hue a little which I HATE doing but it was necessary! I still don't think it's 100% but its the best I could do :)

The glitter on my ring finger is Zoya Bar, one of my favorite Pixiedusts. Yall know that, I've said it a million times. :)

I really loved the way the nude gold goes with Swagger. Man I hated to take this off! This is my idea of a neutral mani for the weekend, haha!

Here's a pic with the softened light I was talking about before. This lighting made my color issue even worse this time I think. Which do yall like better? 

If you haven't tried Picture Polish yet, you need to! It's available online and at several USA online retailors, but I prefer to order right from them! If you take advantage of the "everyday deal" they have, even factoring in the shipping, its still more inexpensive per bottle for me than ordering from one of the retailors here. It does make for a steep bill, but I only do it a couple times a year so its worth it! If you only want to order one, then you might look into the USA retailors. There's a full list at! 

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