Saturday, April 18, 2015

Blogging Hiatus mani's!

Hey guys! These mani's were posted on Instagram during the month I took off from blogging but never blogged about...and I wanted to make sure I got them documented here!

These aren't in any particular order...

This is "Sleepy Holo" by Smokey Mountain Lacquers. My friend Beckie of @polishedbybeckie (here's her blog!) had the opportunity to collaborate with Smokey Mountain and  make her own polish! How cool is that! When she posted about it I immediately fell in love....mostly because it's a happy marriage between 2 of my favorite Picture Polishes, Lakodom and Fool's Gold. (check them out!) When Beckie saw me drooling over it she offered to send me one! She's awesome like that (read: a total enabler). The base color is a bone/off white crème with shimmer and gold flakies throughout-which don't show up very well in this picture....but I will be wearing this again and give it the solo post it deserves! (ps...this was my Easter mani!)

Another polish I wore almost as soon as I dug it out of a box is Picture Polish Douceur. This was one of the polishes I received in the Blog fest from last year (which you can read about here). I only swatched it then and have been anxious to wear it as a full mani! This is 3 thin coats, and it does dry a little matte so I add topcoat. Those are the tulips blooming at the new house in the background. Just in time for Easter!

Next up is Zoya Storm...I wore this on the day Scott Kelly took off on his rocket to begin his journey as the first human in space for a whole year! Can you imagine? Yall know about Storm...its "galaxy mani in a bottle" I call it. :)

This is Zoya Bar. One of my fav Zoya Magical Pixies. I've worn it before and will continue to for ever and ever. This polish got me through the week we moved!

This is Zoya Vega. I wore this the weekend (and week after) the Cinderella movie came out! Which I FINALLY got to see last weekend (?) and it was sooooo good.

There you have it! Some new stuff and some oldie but goodies!

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