Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Valentine's Day nails! Already? Yes! Plus OPI Mod About You

Hey guys! Today I have another "spruced up" look that turned into Valentinesy nails! The base color is OPI Mod About You, which I have pics of at the end of this post. I wore it with a matte topcoat, which I really loved!!

After I wore it for a couple days I wanted to add something before I took I off. I don't love the single chevron look, so I had make myself use them! I'm happy with the way it turned out!

Click Read More to see more pics and 2 video tutorials!

This look was pretty easy to achieve. You will see in the video for the heart shaped glitter nail I made my own stencil with a heart shaped paper punch and blue painters tape. Can you just individually place the glitters on in the shape for that? Of course! But  #aintnobodygottimefodat ;)

The red and white glitter polish is OPI Minnie Style and the pink jelly glitter polish is OPI Excuse Moi? 2 of my favorites and they don't get used near enough! I've worn both in the past but they have never been documented here before!

I switched up my You Tube videos a little... I added on screen text instructions for each clip. I'm really happy with the way they turned out! I wish I could post the same version on Instagram grrr! Let me know what yall think! Would you like me to keep doing them like this?

Here is the link for the sideways single chevrons and here is the link for the glitter heart. I'm sorry the video uploader is still not working for me yet! Get your stuff together Blogger!!

Lots of pics of the same mani.....giggle.

Here are a few pics of Mod About You on its own. This is an older polish but OPI repackaged it to be part of the BCA duo for this past Oct 2014. I'm so glad to finally have it! Its a really strong bubble-gum Barbie pink, and maybe even a little young for me. But the matte topcoat helped with that, I think. This is 2 coats I believe! The formula was great, as expected.

matte topcoat

matte topcoat

glossy topcoat

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