Thursday, January 15, 2015

Orly Mind's Eye and Digital Glitter plus easy sponging technique!

Hey guys! Today I have a simple swatch and and an easy tutorial. I am really trying hard to get through and try my untried, and one brand I have many of is Orly! I'm not sure why, I really do like Orly. I don't have that many, and most of them I've picked up on clearance at Sally. And then I never get around to using them!

This one I picked up out of the clearance bin a couple months ago. I think it was one of the core colors that were being discontinued. It's called Mind's Eye, and its obvious why I chose it! Maroon, hello! This swatch is 2 coats, the formula was a little thin. I knew I was going to put glitter over it so I didn't use 3 but if I wear it again on its own I definitely would!

I decided to put another one of my unused Orly glitters on just 2 fingers.  I used a sponging technique, where all you basically do is apply the polish to a makeup sponge to absorb the clear base and you get maximum glitter on the nail. This is a good technique to use with glitter toppers like this which are heavy on the base and light on the glitter. You can see in the video how I applied the glitter and then did one final brush over the whole nail with the brush. I the added topcoat to all the nails, and the plain nails did wind up looking ok with just the 2 coats of Mind's Eye. But I still would do 3 when I wear it alone again.

Here's the link! The video loader is still not working for me grrrrrr

The glitter I used is called Digital Glitter, shown in the pic below.

I am in a big matte phase lately! So of course the Matte Fairy told me to try these matte and I really love it more. Despite the White Speck of Death that I get with my matte coats lately. I used OPI Matte topcoat.

Here's a couple more pointless pics because I'm just playing around with different poses!

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