Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Christmas and NYE manis for 2014

Hey guys! Todays blog is just a little round up of the nails I wore over the past few weeks. With the craziness of the boys being out of school and traveling I didn't have any time to blog, but now I want to get them up! :)

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This was my official Christmas mani. December was so crazy that I missed out on a whole season (and my favorite season) of holiday nails. Super sad! :( I didn't even get a chance to do my nails before we left for our road trip to Texas.  I packed a ton of polish and only wound up using 2 bottles and one time! Funny right! I did these in the hotel room bathroom at night when we stopped over in Texarkana. Not terrible lighting, right! LOL! The base is one of my new Picture Polishes called Lakodom (ahhhhhh I just love it. I knew even before I ordered it that I wanted to wear it on Christmas. It just.....called to me. Strange, I know. There will be a blog devoted to it in the very near future because it is just THAT awesome) The dots are made with Pipe Dream Polish Cha-Ching!

Picture Polish Lakodom

These are my New Years Eve nails. Again, only time for one and it had to be quick. I used Zoya matte velvet in Dovima for the base and since it dries so quickly I was able to add a quick chevron nail with Pipe Dream Polish in Champagne Kisses (obviously right!) I sponged a little of the glitter onto my thumbs.

Zoya Dovima
After new years (and I used that mani to practice the stamping) I swapped out again for Zoya Godiva for the next week. This is one of my all time favorite Zoyas!!!!

Zoya Godiva
The sun actually came out  for a few minutes when we were in Texas! It was the only decent pic I could get of these, waiting in the car, haha!


Few little bottle shots of my NYE nails. I was really happy with them.

New Years nails

Pipe Dream Polish Champagne Kisses

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