Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Orange and yellow mix and match mani (yep, write it down. I wore orange.)

Hey guys! I have another mix and match mani today. And, write this down: I wore orange. It is a well known fact I do NOT like orange. I mean, it has it's place for art and what not and such, but that's about it. This is by far the most orange I've ever worn at one time. And no, this was not a full mani, just a look I created playing with  my new Nicole by OPI Roughles (swatches coming soon!) And, I used 3 untried polishes for this! Yay! It may be hard to believe but I have (um) several untried OPI's that I've collected over the months from clearance sales etc. But so far this month I'm doing pretty good plowing through them and my new polishes from the holidays! Onward!

Click read more  for more pics and polishes used!

For this look I used 3 polishes. The bright orange is OPI My Paprika is Hotter than Yours! , the yellow texture is Nicole by OPI (Roughles) Sand in my Shoe, and the glitter is Orly Starburst. A few thoughts on these polishes (all previously untried):

OPI My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours!...... Despite this being a super bright dark orange color, I don't totally hate it. The formula was pretty good, although I did 2 coats here and when I really started looking at the pictures it needs 3. It looked patchy still after 2 but after I added topcoat it looked better in real life (i.e. not as patchy).When I wear this again, I'll use 3 coats.

Nicole by OPI Sand in my Shoe (Roughles)........I love this!  I ordered this and the purple one last week so that I could have all 4. I am really surprised actually how much I am loving these...I could never find them in stores when they came out last spring and never ordered them online because they aren't sparkly like almost all my other textures so I was just on the fence. I am regretting that now! These will be perfect for spring! ANYWAY this is 2 coats, the dry time was super fast and easy. This polish is yellow with bits of dark orange in it, which is why I picked the OPI to pair with it.

Orly Starburst: another in my untried for way too long. This was part of their Galaxy (?) collection that came out in Jan 2014. I have almost all of them and purchased all of them when they went on clearance at Sally ;) Starburst is a sheer milky white polish with red, orange and yellow glitters in it. This one nail took me 4 thin coats and a little dabbing to get the coverage I wanted. Because of that I'm not sure I will be swatching them as a collection like I planned (someday....) and I'm not totally sure if I have them all actually.

Overall I'm really happy with the way these go together! I'm a big fan of pairing textures with crème polishes, for whole nail looks like this or using with vinyls/tape to add dimension. It just looks so cool, so you will continue to see that from me!

I didn't film a tutorial for this, but if you  guys want one I will the next time I do this same look! (Which I'm sure will be soon!) I just painted the nails normally and did not use topcoat on the texture. For the faux-studs I just used a dotting tool to make a little bead of polish on my first 2 nails. I did topcoat them.

Here is a look at Orly Starburst, it just looks so interesting in the bottle! There are some larger circular silver? glitters you can see on the bottom, even after setting the bottle upside down until I was ready to use it I was still not able to get any of them on the brush. But I'm ok with that!
Most of the polishes in this collection have this same issue.

Orly Starburst


  1. Love this! I was able to find all of the Roughles polishes last year, and I'm so glad I did! :)

  2. Yay! Still kicking myself that I missed a year of using these but at least I have them now ;)


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